Apion Properties and Construction(incorporated as Apion Properties and Construction Zambia Limited) provides commercial and residential real estate services in Zambia. Trust us with all your real estate services, including:


At Apion, we construct various properties and offer a wide range of real estate services. We provide comprehensive real estate and investment services all across Lusaka, and other parts of Zambia including:

1.) Buying homes – When you’re looking to purchase a home in Lusaka or elsewhere, whether it is for domestic use or commercial purposes, the support of a knowledgeable, skilled real estate company is imperative. Our experts provide complete support, helping you find your dream home while staying well within your budget.

2.) Selling your home – Selling a home can seem arduous and involved, but with a Apion on your side, you can expect to sell your home in a timely manner. And we make the process quick and easy, letting you enjoy the rewards of your sale, rather than being neck-deep in paperwork.

3.) Property management services – Apion offers comprehensive property management services for property owners and commercial businesses. We can handle it all, from documentation to tenant relations and retention.

4.) Commercial real estate – No matter your real estate needs, our professionals can meet and exceed them all. Property management, buying and selling, appraisals, and even land development services are all well within our expertise.

5.) Land development – Apion carries extensive experience in handling land development projects, no matter the scope or size. Our project team can make your land development project a headstart.

6.) Other services – Our professionals provide complete and comprehensive realty services, as well as legal support and investment services. You can find more about what additional services Apion provides to home and business owners by calling us or visiting our office.