Apion focuses on creating wealth through real estate investments. In this era of constantly changing markets, demographics, and operating costs, it takes more than just commitment to grow and prosper. We look beyond the bricks and mortar of real estate to analyze how property investment, ownership, and disposition can accelerate wealth creation while building great communities. At Apion, we believe investing in property is the best way to build equity and take advantage of the top end of the market in Zambia, which is one of the highest in the region in terms of real returns. If you have a small holding on title (let’s say, 10 acres or more), we could help you to turn it into a commercial project, by sub-dividing the land and selling it at a tasty figure. That’s great income for you and your posterity. Or, if you want to build housing units there, and enrich yourself with life-time equity, we can be come in handy. To find out more, click our brochures below:

Whether you are looking for Investments for wealth building or Retirement Planning, our property investment opportunities can be useful. We help you build equity in tilted plots and properties to be developed or bought.

If you’re a Zambian living abroad, investing back home is a sure thing to be the right person on earth. At Apion, you will find the right people, who are more than too happy to assist you the way to success. We can acquire titled land, whether its small parcel of land or a big-sized land to build you properties, manage those properties or disposal of them whenever you us to just that right. That’s one pavilion of benefits at a go, and be rest assured that Apion is the name to go.


Invest in Zambia's Property Market

Real estate is a big investment for this, it requires a thorough guide through the entire process of managing real estate growth or rental property, including required maintenance. Apion is a kind of stepping stone to learning all about real estate investing in Zambia. We provide customers with services that can save the average investor time and effort in the real estate market. We seek out the best real estate opportunities and work together with some of the industry's most respected companies to create high-quality properties. We are a real estate company that sources investment in upmarket properties and rental property including private home accommodation investments for individuals, as well high yield commercial properties. Our mission is to change the way the world views Zambian real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognised asset classes.

Property Investments